Let Your Emotions Drive You to Your Destination

(This blog was inspired by the readings of Abraham Hicks Ask and it is Given-Emotional Guidance Scale) How to let Your Emotions Drive You to Your Destination It’s simple. Your Emotions are energy.  Emotions ARE Energy!!! Emotions ARE Energy!!! Your Feelings ARE Energy!! When you are Angry, you FEEL it. When you are Sad, you …

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One Truth

Truth: Where you are currently, right now, at this moment…you have not ALWAYS been there.   You may not be where you want to be or you may be somewhere you thought you would never be. Either way you have not ALWAYS been THERE. (Where you are right now) That is a truth about every …

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Be Productive. Not Destructive.

 Be Productive. Not Destructive. Of course, it has been said over and over again that too much television is not good for anyone. So let me say it again….TOO MUCH TV WILL FUNK YOU UP! Television produces content that not only entertains us but the content causes us to have emotions; i.e. emotional content.Television produces emotions. …

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