Let Your Emotions Drive You to Your Destination

(This blog was inspired by the readings of Abraham Hicks Ask and it is Given-Emotional Guidance Scale)

How to let Your Emotions Drive You to Your Destination

It’s simple. Your Emotions are energy.  Emotions ARE Energy!!! Emotions ARE Energy!!! Your Feelings ARE Energy!! When you are Angry, you FEEL it. When you are Sad, you FEEL it. When you are Frustrated, you FEEL it. When you are Tired, you FEEL it. When you are Happy, you FEEL it. When you are Joyful, you FEEL it. When you are Appreciative, you FEEL it. When you are Hopeful/Optimistic, you FEEL it. When you LOVE, you FEEL it.  When we FEEL these emotions we are sending out ENERGY!!!!

The Law of Attraction states whatever Energy you put out is the energy that comes back to you. So, when you FEEL positive emotions such as Love, Joy, Appreciation, and Freedom you’re putting out positive Energy into YOUR LIFE and the UNIVERSE. Therefore, that POSITIVE ENERGY brings back to YOU positive things such as that desired destination or manifestation.

AWAKEN:  To have control of the Energy we put out we must become aware of our Thoughts because our Emotions/Energy are caused by our THOUGHTS.  Therefore, if we can change our Thoughts we can change the way we feel.


Have you ever asked yourself why do we even have Emotions???

I feel that our Emotions or Feelings are our CONNECTION with our Creator (Creator, GOD, The Universe, Source, Inner Being, Spiritual Being, or Soul, whichever you prefer. I will use them interchangeably throughout this blog. They are all ONE!!!) I believe our emotions tell us whether or not our THOUGHTS are Lining Up/Aligned i.e. "In Alignment" with our Creator. They are our Creator /GOD “guiding” us to a place of Peace, Clarity, Freedom, and that special place where we ALLOW all good Energy to flow to us.

For instance, when YOU feel negative emotions you are thinking THOUGHTS that are not a match or do not line up with your Creator. These thoughts are not lining up because they are NOT TRUE!! These are thoughts that are not TRUE about YOU!! They are not TRUE to who YOU are. They are thoughts that you have come to believe because of something false.  So what lie are you telling YOURSELF!????

CLARITY: You may be someone who becomes angry  or sad when someone calls you stupid and ugly. What lie are you telling yourself or what THOUGHTS are you thinking about YOU to cause those feelings of anger and sadness?? Maybe YOU tell YOURSELF the LIE that you CAN’T do something because of the way you LOOK?  Or are YOU telling yourself that you can’t do something because you have little or no information about it?

Well the TRUTH is… YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made and you have the ability to LEARN ANYTHING (One thing I KNOW you’ve learned, is to READ )  Now, if those words are spoken to you and you have knowledge of the TRUTH about YOU… you KNOW that you are beautiful; you KNOW that you can learn, You KNOW that you are smart, you KNOW that you are a unique, ONE of a KIND, specially designed, perfectly flawed CREATION, you will not feel any negative emotion at all when hearing the words ugly and stupid. Instead you will STAY in a state of alignment and you will also be able to RESPOND to the person and not react based on your negative emotions. 

Here’s another example for further Clarity: Maybe you are someone who becomes frustrated and overwhelmed when you receive bills. Again, what LIE are YOU telling YOURSELF??? Maybe the LIE you say to YOURSELF is that you NEED money to live and you’re HELPLESS without it? Are you telling yourself that YOU HAVE TOO MANY OBSTACLES holding you back?  Or a common, huge lie you may say to YOURSELF is… IF IT ISN’T ONE THING IT’S ANOTHER!! <<<Usually stated when someone has become “used to” or ACCEPTING of BAD THINGS happening to them. TRUTH is…YOU are here to live a life of abundance and anything that you NEED to be YOU, you already have!  You have a mind that can create, just start using it!

Understand… negative emotions/feelings will come and go just as your thoughts do. However, the more you are AWARE of your thoughts the more you are in control of how You FEEL!

You Can’t Go Anywhere on an Empty Gas Tank!

So the next time you feel negative emotion, STOP and ask yourself what lie am I telling myself? Then start to tell YOURSELF the TRUTH. Your thoughts will change to ones that should make you FEEL better.

Here’s a TEST DRIVE: I will make a few statements, notice how you feel (YOUR Energy), after reading each statement. When you FEEL negative emotion after reading one of the statements, find out the LIE that YOU are telling YOURSELF!!??

I am a procrastinator

I am beautiful and sexy

I am wealthy

I am a coward

The more you are aligned with your creator, the happier you will be.  When I say happy, I don’t mean the excitement of gaining the desires/manifestations we WANT such as, being happy when you receive a raise; happy when you buy a new car, happy because you won a free vacation. But I mean the joy and peace of mind you receive from giving someone  whom you know is stressed and going through hard times some encouragement or a gift to say don’t give up and keep believing, the appreciation you have for the “little things” such as having the HEALTH to get up and go to a job every day, appreciating the fact that even though your car may not be your dream car, it gets you to where you need to go and you don’t have to ask anyone for a ride or even walk, and knowing that the peace and relaxation you receive on vacation can be achieved right in your own home by simply picking up a book, lying down on your bed and relaxing.

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