Be Productive. Not Destructive.

 Be Productive. Not Destructive.

Of course, it has been said over and over again that too much television is not good for anyone. So let me say it again….TOO MUCH TV WILL FUNK YOU UP!

Television produces content that not only entertains us but the content causes us to have emotions; i.e. emotional content.Television produces emotions. Emotions are energy. Emotional Guidance Scale-Abraham Hicks Our energy is transferred into the Universe and as the Law of Attraction states anything which is liken to itself is drawn. So whatever energy you put out is the energy that is drawn back to you.

HISTORY LESSON TO AWAKEN: In 1969, a scientist by the name of Herbert E. Krugman was employed with General Electric and he along with others did an experiment on people watching television. The results of the experiment was that within 30 SECONDS- 1 MINUTE of people watching television their minds went from a beta-state (alert, awakened, critical thinking, CONSCIOUS) to an alpha state. (relaxed, daydreaming, in a daze).

When you are in an alpha state which is also known as the meditative state you can become more of a passive learner. THE GREAT THING IS…WE HAVE A CHOICE! We can choose to watch less television, we can choose to watch only things that produce a good feeling within us, things that promote creativity, spiritual growth,  provide a wealth of knowledge, and last but not least we can choose to just turn it OFF and turn ourselves ON TO A BETTER LIFE! Challenge yourself to a Better-Life!

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