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Game Changer: A New Way to Design Your Website

One path that my inner being has brought me along is Affiliate Marketing. I am not a master at it, but I have done a bit of research on it. Did I think I would be doing it, yet alone even understanding what it is? I absolutely did not! Once I started to do the research and understand it, I began to see the endless possibilities of creativity in it and how it could be a great creative outlet for me and it is! It’s just more SATISFYING knowing that I can be creative and make money at the same time.

A very important thing you will want to have in Affiliate Marketing or even starting your own online business is of course your own website. Creating/building your own website can be challenging, especially for someone who has little or no knowledge about computers systems and the internet. I have a degree in IT so I am familiar with  some computer terms such as CSS coding but its the applying the coding that can be a bit time consuming. Well one day, while researching more information about how to design my site, I saw the coolest Video Ad pop up and just watching the video made me feel like: Well you know how you see almost everything in the Modern world and say to yourself: “I wish we had that when we were growing up…it would have changed our life.” Well that’s how this video ad made me feel. After all the googling and watching YouTube videos on how to do every little thing on my website (from creating a blog to customizing pages with CSS coding), this creation seems like the answer to all your website design problems.

Divi 3.0

Divi 3.0 is definitely a game changer to the Website Design World! It is a unique visual builder interface that allows you to make changes and customize your website on your actual website. Unlike, most WordPress sites you have to make changes/customize your site,  next update/publish your changes, then view the changes on your actual website. This interface saves you a few steps, therefore saving you time. If you’ve ever tried building a website, you know that it can be very time consuming. “Especially, if you are like me and have to play around with 50 color and picture settings before you choose one that fits you.”

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