Life Long Lie: You Don’t Exercise to Lose Weight

Most part of my teenage years up to my mid-twenty’s I wore a size 0. Yes a ZERO!I was shopping in the KIDS Junior Section for my clothes. At that time, my goal weight to reach was 100lbs. Well, Ask and It is Given. I started to gain weight when I reached the age of 25. In the beginning of the weight gain, I was too hot to trot! You couldn’t tell me that I wasn’t fine as wine, and then after a few years things spiraled out of control. The Weight train pulled in!

Now that I am a bit older I have tried a number of things to lose the weight that I so badly wanted to gain. The main thing is EXERCISING! I’ve ran, jogged, walked, done several planks, sit-ups, push-ups, crunches, squats, and much more. Only to find that afterwards, I had only lost 1-2lbs.

Then after all the failed attempts, I became frustrated with the dieting, exercising and other things and decided to say the “hell with it!” At that moment, when I decided to let the thought/belief that working out and dieting is the answer to lose weight GO, I started to feel better. Somehow that thought/belief was the ACTUAL WEIGHT!

Instead of exercising to lose weight, do it for the simple purpose of feeling good! Say to yourself…I WANT TO FEEL GOOD! Then, the GOOD STUFF will follow…you’ll lose the weight, and have a mindset of determination and you’ll be ready to LIVE!

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