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Better Life Challenge: Ebook: If It Doesn’t Challenge You, It Won’t Change You

20 Word Script for Billionaires

Guided By God’s Grace: Gratitude Journal

True Happiness: Gratitude Journal

DOPE (Difference of Perspective Elevated) Apparel:

Buy Nothing

Conscious Currency: Empowering Love & Awareness

Thank you for being conscious, awake, and aware, and open to receive and enjoy our content as you live this journey of life. With every dollar you offer, you’re co-creating a universe of love and awareness that spans across boundaries and embraces all beings. Your currency becomes a carrier of light to touch lives, inspire change, and uplift spirits. So, as you embark on this sacred act of giving, know that you’re not just sending money; you’re sending out love in its purest form, and may it be returned to you in abundance!!!

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